Bang Bang Racing

Bang Bang Racing

A fun and simple racing game missing online multiplayer


  • Looks good
  • Simple controls
  • Cars feel good
  • Local multiplayer


  • Short single player game
  • No online multiplayer

Not bad

Bang Bang Racing is a top down 3D racing game with local multiplayer, a cartoon feel and a variety of vehicles.

Overhead racing games have been popular since Super Sprint in the '80s, as they are great mix of simple gameplay and competition. Bang Bang Racing has 3D graphics and scrolling, but the camera always sits above the track. There's a low learning curve and racing is fun. You can accelerate, brake, and nitro your way around the tracks, which are all pretty short.

The single player campaign is relatively short, although if you set the difficulty on high, the competition is tough. There is local multiplayer, and it's multiplayer where Bang Bang Racing really gets fun. While many people complain about the loss of local multiplayer in today's games, it's really disappointing to see Bang Bang Racing doesn't have online multiplayer too, as it's ideal for it. Some of the in race obstacles, such as oil and leaves (!) have more effect than they should.

Other recent examples of overhead racing, like the iOS game Reckless Racing, or the Playstation Vita title Motorstorm RC have shown it's possible to make a great overhead racing game that mixes simplicity with deep and challenging gameplay.

Bang Bang Racing could be great, but it needs more challenges and online competition to be a complete package. It's fun for a while, but lacks depth.

Bang Bang Racing


Bang Bang Racing

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